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Happy Easter Pictures, Download Beautiful Easter Images

Happy Easter Pictures, Download Beautiful Easter Images:- The Most important holiday of Christians which celebrates Lord Christ’s resurrection from the dead is Easter. The Festival of Easter Sunday is known as Movable Fest. Because it doesn’t lie on a fix date every year, as most of the holidays. Instead of this west Christians Churches celebrate Easter on the first Sunday. After vernal equinox on 21st March following full moon night. Therefore Easter is celebrated in between 22nd March to 25th April every year. Some Orthodox Christians also use Julian calendar to calculate the date to celebrate Easter.

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Typically it will be celebrated after one or two week after the Western Churches which follows Gregorian Calendar. The Actual Origins of the religious festival Easter Sunday name are unknown. Some of the sources says the word Easter is derived from the word Eostre that is a teutonic Goddess of Spring and Fertility.

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Many other sources also says Easter to be Latin term hebdomada alba or a white week that is an ancient reference to the Easter Week. People who were baptized during the time also wear white clothes. Through the translation bug in the term Eostre, later it find as Esostarum in Old high German which now becomes Easter in English. Here on this post we bring Happy Easter Pictures for all of you that helps you to wish your friends and family a happy Easter in a different style.

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Happy Easter Pictures, Download Beautiful Easter Images

Easter is also Known as Pascua in Spanish and Paques in French. These words are obtained from the Greek and Latin words Pascha & Pasch for Passover. When Jesus went to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, A jewish feast commemorating the ancient Israelites exodus through slavery in Egypt after that crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ was occurred. Then the Pasha comes to mean as Easter. To add some twist in your Easter Celebration share your Easter wishes in your own style. And check out the below given Happy Easter Pictures and pick a good one to share with your friends and relatives.

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Easter is an complete season of Christian Church year that was observed in a single day. The Forty Day Period that leading to Easter Sunday is called Lent and that is a time of Penance and reflection. Lent reflects the 40 days period that Jesus suffers alone in wilderness . You can download HD Images of Easter 2020 which is celebrated on 12th April 2020. For more whatsapp status images visit here:- festivestatusimages.online

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It is a time before starting of Jesus Ministry in which the Christians believes that he survived through several temptations by the Devil. Day before the lent is known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras which is the last hurrah of fun & food before the fasts started. The Week precedes the Easter Sunday is known as Holy week. It also have Maundy Thursday which commemorates as Christ’s last supper with disciples.

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Now the Good Friday comes which honors as the crucifixion of Jesus and holy Saturday which honors transition between crucifixion & resurrection. In Short the Fifty days period which follows Easter is called as Easteride. It also includes the celebration of Jesus ascension into heaven. So on this auspicious occasion of Easter we came up with a great stuff of Happy Easter Pictures. That is best and unique all for you to share through various social sites.

Happy Easter to All of You 🙂 🙂

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